Blessed William Howard

The Painsley Catholic Academy was established in 2012. We are the largest Catholic multi-academy company in the Archdiocese of Birmingham.

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Year 8 Structure

Temporary Tutors and Class Bubble Base Rooms.

Class    Room    Tutor   Pastoral Leader 
 B1  A10

    Miss J Manfredi 


Mrs J Walker


 B2  A5

  Mrs S Parker


Miss J Brookes


 B3   A6

  Mrs A Rollo


   Miss J Brookes

W1 A8

  Mrs L Morgan


Mr C Horton


W2 A7

  Miss L Broadhead


Mr C Horton
W3 A9

  Mr M Vince


Mrs J Walker
H1 A12

  Miss J Capewell


Mrs J Walker

 School plan showing Bubble Base Rooms