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The Painsley Catholic Academy was established in 2012. We are the largest Catholic multi-academy company in the Archdiocese of Birmingham.

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Y11 Learning Journey


As we move into year 11 students follow the AQA Specification in Art, Craft and Design. During this course students are guided through the syllabus by highly trained teaching staff, they are encouraged to work in a range of methods, techniques and realise their own ideas producing quality outcomes.

The GCSE students will produce a portfolio of evidence comprising of two different projects. These projects are selected by our experienced teaching staff however students are encouraged to explore their own ideas within these selected themes. Student work is regularly marked with levels 1-9 in line with the GCSE assessment criteria. Our students are also given regular personalised feedback to enable them to aspire toward achieving the highest possible outcomes.


NEA lessons – Focus on sections E and F for their NEA project of their choice.

Revision topics to be covered as part of the homework and spaced learning activities.

DT  - Food - 

NEA lessons – Focus on trial practical lessons with the practical exam taking place in March.

Revision topics to be covered as part of the homework and spaced learning activities.

Business This term students will continue to revise topics in Theme 1 and they will revise all the topic areas from this Theme including exam structure on how to answer 9- and 12-mark essays. The students will then move on to revise Theme 2 which looks at bigger businesses operating in a global perspective.
Sport Y11 GCSE PE students will be studying the exam content in preparation for the summer exam on May 2022. The topics being covered next half term include; Sporting Values, The Olympic Games and National Governing Bodies in sport.