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Course title:  Economics A Level AQA (Block A)

Academic year:


Course Venues:

Blessed William Howard Catholic High School

Course Type:

A Level

Course Code:



2 years

Course Description: 

Economics has become high profile. The credit crunch, bankers’ bonuses and fears of a Euro meltdown are just three topics rarely out of the news in recent years, throwing a light on the importance of and divisions within the discipline. The new A-level specification catches the wave of this renewed interest in the subject with topics that will interest and intrigue students.

Course Content: 

Assessment objectives are:

  1. Demonstrate knowledge of terms, concepts, theories and models to show an understanding of the behaviour of economic agents and how they are affected by and respond to economic issues.
  2. Apply knowledge and understanding to various economic contexts to show how economic agents are affected by and respond to economic issues.
  3. Analyse issues within economics, showing an understanding of their impact on economic agents.
  4. Evaluate economic arguments and qualitative and quantitative evidence to support informed judgments relating to economic issues.

Entry requirements: 

The standard entry criteria to study in the sixth form are a 9-4 in at least seven different subjects, including English and mathematics, which would usually be at grade 5 or above.  


Paper 1 Markets and Market Failure (33.3% of A Level)

Paper 2 The National and International Economy (33.3% of A Level)

Paper 3 Economic Principles and Issues (33.3% of A Level)

Financial Information:

Textbooks are provided although students are encouraged to purchase a revision guide and subscribe to the Economist at a discounted price. In addition, reading a quality newspaper is recommended in order to keep up with current affairs.

Future opportunities:

Students who have a particular interest in Economics and especially those hoping to pursue a career in Accountancy, Banking, Business Studies, Industry, Financial Services, Law, Management and the Civil Service.  The study of Economics along with a Language, Geography, History, English, a Science and/or Maths is a popular combination.

Further information:

The specifications will assess students’ quantitative skills applied in the context of economics. This will include an understanding and application of ratios, fractions, percentages, revenue and profit and other factors, tested across the assessment objectives. At A-level this forms a minimum of 20% of the assessment, and a minimum of 15% at AS.